The Tia Weeza Story

Maria Luisa's nieces always had a hard time pronouncing her name, Luisa. So it always sounded like "Weeza" instead of Luisa. Tia means aunt in Portuguese. So they continued to call her Tia Weeza, and the name stuck.

  • Maria Luisa Miguens | Crochet & Embroidery Master

    Maria Luisa Miguens

    Luisa is the talent behind all of the creations at the Tia Weeza shop. Born and raised in Sao Miguel, Portugal she grew up crocheting clothes for her dolls, making doilies, table cloths and blankets. Crochet and cross-stich have been an enduring passion throughout her life, and it has brought her joy to share her craft with family & friends.

  • Lucy Victoria Miguens | Business Director

    Lucy Victoria Miguens

    Lucy has known her mom's gift is special for a long time, and encouraged her to start a business. When Luisa finally agreed, Lucy put in the long hours to get Tia Weeza off the ground. She manages the day-to-day shop operations, inventory and shipping. She also oversees business financials and markets the Tia Weeza shop on social media.